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I'm a pretty lame person tbh.

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Happy late Valentines Day! Emoji32 
So yay for me. First year of actually not being alone and actually having a valentines. 17 years old and finally my first valentines. He was really sweet too and got me chocolates. ;w; Since he lives in another state he just ordered it from amazon and when I opened the amazon box there was another box with a ribbon around it and a card that said "Happy Valentines Day". It was all really sweet and nice. When I opened the box there were three bags of caramel filled chocolates. He got me so much chocolate like I mean I honestly don't know what I was expecting but yeah. They are so yummy and I have to really hold myself back from eating them all. Which actually I haven't had any today yet. >w> I really love my valentines and he is just so great and I get really happy and excited knowing that some one loves me. Emoji04 

ON ANOTHER NOTE. I got this really pretty dress at Old Navy and I actually think I look really pretty in it which is really rare. So long story short I was excited to wear it and had 3 chances to wear it last week but all three things got canceled. I was really bummed and sad. Now I have this dress that makes me pretty but I never go out anywhere to wear it. Emoji34 

ON ANOTHER ANOTHER NOTE. School is ridiculous. I have no idea how I'm going to start selling things by early March with all this bullshit I'm dealing with. Ughhh. I'm just so done with school I don't want to do it anymore. I don't want to do anything anymore. I have no will to do school work. :bademoticon:  Siiigh. Oh well.

Because I want to end this on a happy note. Last night I watched The Croods with my little sister. Then this morning I watched it again with my parents. Ahhh I love the movie so much. Though they really need to stop making fictional characters such cuties. Guy's face is so cute and pretty it actually frustrates me. Belt is adorable too and I love how Sandy bonds with Belt. It was so cute when Guy started telling his story and they were all sitting there, I saw Sandy reached forward and grabbed Belt and kinda just held him. It was great. I almost cried though near the end. Oh and it was such a great twist where Grug started saving the animals too. ;u; My favorite animal is that one that looks owl like but with other animal features. The one that chases them a bunch in the beginning and at the end Eep and Guy are riding. I'd love an animal like that. This is definitely one of my favorite movies now. The next movie to be watched is The Lorax. Can't wait to watch it. OH I ALSO WATCHED EXPENDABLES 2 AND IT WAS SO GREAT. OMG SO MANY MOVIE REFERENCE JOKES. THEY ARE ALL SO HOT TOO. CHUCK NORRIS WAS GREAT AND WHEN ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER SAYS YIPPE KI YAY AND THEN WHO'S NEXT RAMBO AND THEN THE SMART CAR AND DEAR LORD OKAY I NEED TO JUST STOP. I can't wait for the third one to come out this August. Emoji24 

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